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Pre-School Programs:































Tumble Bugs (18 mos. – 2 yrs. - 40 min. class)

            In this class, your child will be following structured lesson plans that were developed to focus on body awareness, coordination, and gross motor skills.  Learning centers are set up as part of FUN and challenging obstacle courses that use gymnastics equipment specific to each week’s lesson plan.  After the instructor demonstrates each of the activities at these learning centers, children can explore the course at their own pace and concentrate on one or all of these activities.  This is a parent/child participation class, allowing hands-on and personal interaction between you and your child.

Tumble Tots (2 ½ - 3 ½ yrs. - 40 min. class)

            Tumble Tots is also a parent/child participation class.  Obstacle courses emphasizing core gymnastics skills follow a more structured program that focuses on developing listening skills, memorization, and mannerly interaction as well as physical development.  In this class, parents and children will be participating together as part of a group.  This group interaction will help to socialize your child and get them prepared to participate in classes on their own.



Tumble Tikes (3 ½ - 4 ½ yrs. - 40 min. class)

            As one of our Tumble Tikes, you will be learning basic gymnastics skills in a group, without parental participation.  We will continue to develop coordination, strength, balance and self awareness in a FUN and SAFE environment using obstacle courses on the Floor, Beam, Bars, and our in-ground Tumble Trak trampoline.  Additionally, your child will be learning how to listen to and follow directions in a structured format. 




Tumble Bears (4 ½ yrs. – Kindergarten - 40 min.)

            This class is a spring board into our recreational program and is the most challenging of our Kinder-Kids classes.  More advanced skills will be taught as the class progresses through the year.  Using Kinder-Kid gymnastics equipment, Tumble Bears build on what they have learned in Tikes, Tots, and Bugs.  All sports should be FUN.  We know that gymnastics is one of the most physically and mentally challenging, so we strive to promote self-esteem as well as physical fitness.


*Oakland reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet minimum class size requirements.