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Once again, Oakland Gymnastics Funtastic Olympics are coming to Commerce Township!!!  Every year, in conjunction with our Spring Session, all pre-school and recreational classes put on an incredible show for family and friends alike.  Just like Olympians, our athletes learn class appropriate routines, train those routines, and finally present what they have worked so hard at perfecting, at our Funtastic Spring Olympics.  Upon the completion of their Olympic Style Presentation, each individual athlete will take a trip to the podium to receive his or her GOLD MEDAL!!! 




As always...

There will be a grand entrance...the Olympic Anthem sounding, flags waving, fans cheering, cameras flashing and excitement abounding!!!

Gymnasts will be divided into groups based on class level, and they will all rotate through the appropriate Olympic events - Vault, Uneven Parallel Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise for the young ladies - Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar for the young men - Different obstacle courses designed to prepare preschool aged children for both mens and womens olympic aparatus for our preschool classes!  While on their events / obstacles, individuals will present their routines!

Each individual athlete will be announced as an Oakland Olympic Champion, as they stand tall on the 1st place podium and receive their very own Gold Medal!!!


 *You must be an OG Member and be enrolled in our Spring Session to particiapte in our Funtastic Olympics.  Olympic Presentations will be held the final week of class.  Exact dates and times for specific classes will be posted after the sart of the Spring Session.





Throw those hands up and grin form ear to ear...you're a CHAMPION!!!